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Pocket Bakery at Fortnums - The Specifics

Tuesday, 12th March 2013

If you’re in the West End and have a moment, come and see me, my son Jack and the Pocket Bakery popping up at Fortnum & Mason for the next 2 weeks (11th-24th March). Read more...

Fenland Celery

Tuesday, 1st November 2011

The last time I remember finding soil inside the leaves of a celery plant must have been in childhood. Like dirty salad and muddy leeks, earthy celery belongs to that era when washing vegetables was part of a ritual. Needing to wash a plant in two or... Read more...

Sunday Roast is Toast

Monday, 27th September 2010

Run anything on the fuel it is not designed for, and the likelihood is that there will be side effects. Just as converting a car to run on chip fat runs the risk of clogging filters, feeding cattle anything but the herbivore diet a ruminant thrives o... Read more...