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We are saying goodbye to the Friday pop up lunch at the Doodle Bar for the time being. The Pocket Bakery has featured at the amazing Doodle Bar since May 2012, and it has become a Friday lunch club with very special followers. To all of you we say a big thanks, but keep in touch with the Doodle Bar who will continue to do Friday pop ups. The Street Kitchen is always there, too.

Our sourdough breads are now sold by Butcher & Grill (daily) and the Battersea Flower Station (Fridays and weekend only), and we are still available for special events. Jack Prince, who is truly the son of the bakery, is now working with our mentors Bread-Bread in Brixton, who make the Pocket Bakery bread, putting their wonderful range into new locations in London.

In the end, the bakery has done what it meant to do for Jack – and for myself and the team, it has been a hard working good time. We have loved every Friday, and bless all of you for coming along and being great guests. We shall miss it and yet there will no doubt be other ideas and projects to do in future.

Keep buying the bread!


To contact Jack: jackbreadbread@gmail.com

To contact Alex: alex.b.maceachern@gmail.com


The Pocket Bakery Story 

The Pocket Bakery began in the summer of 2010 as a solution to the dilemma of food writer Rose's children, Jack and Lara, then aged 14 and 11. The problem was that of pocket money, and how Jack and Lara might earn their own spending money in a constructive and positive way. Rose came up with the idea of starting a little bakery in their own home and selling loaves to neighbours, dubbing it 'The Pocket Bakery.'


Since then, the Pocket Bakery has developed into something so much more. The first step was a lesson in the art of baking sourdough bread, which was provided, along with the 'mother' yeast, by Giuseppe Mascoli of Brixton's Franco Manca pizzeria fame. Using the organically produced flour of Michael Stoate and Giuseppe's starter dough, Rose baked the first batch of bread and sold it to neighbours, thus whetting the appetite of Jack and Lara to make the Pocket Bakery the success that it is today.


By its second year of business, the Pocket Bakery's weekly opening had become a community event, and before long Jack went off to the Daylesford Organic bakery in Oxfordshire to train as a professional baker. Meanwhile the Pocket Bakery itself found a new home in Doodle Bar, a quirky bar tucked away five minutes from Rose's home and began selling pies and sweet things.


In 2013, the Pocket Bakery took another leap forward as it was approached by Fortnum and Mason to pop-up for two weeks on the first floor of the iconic department store.


The Pocket Bakery book is out now. To order a signed copy, simply email dominic@dominicprince.co.uk


Pocket  Bakery

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The Pocket Bakery Book - Out Now

The Pocket Bakery book is out now!


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