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 New English Kitchen  The New English Kitchen is a cookery book for our times. You do not need to be a millionaire to eat the finest food on offer, nor do you need to spend for ever slaving in the kitchen. This books shows you how to make your meals go further, revealing practical ways to make the highest quality food fit inside a tight budget.

With over 280 easy and distinctive recipes, and a mine of quick ideas, Rose Prince show how everyone can eat economically and well, every single day.


Book Reviews

"An instant classic which is both an inspiring cookbook and a moving manifesto against the Tescoisation of Britain."
Francis Wheen, Observer.

"A thought-provoking read as well as a recipe book. Prince comes to the rescue of the thrifty and the socially aware."
Lydia Slater, Sunday Times.

"An exceptional new cook book."
Sunday Telegraph.

"Impassioned, principled and packed with practical and inspiring recipes. It is the antithesis of some extravagant big-name cookery books."

"She takes seriously the provenance of food, how it has been reared, grown, caught or harvested. One feature is the outmoded but crucial element of thrift. Prince recognises that if you pay a king's ransom for your organic chicken, then you want to make it go as far as possible. To add to its merit, the book is finely produced, with measurements in imperial as well as metric."
The Tablet.

"This is a notable first book from a respected journalist, a breath of fresh air, exuding good sense and full of unpretentious, desirably do-able recipes."
Philippa Davenport, Financial Times Books of the Year.

"A revolutionary new book. Prince has travelled around Britain and investigated food origins, learning from farmers, growers and specialist retailers. The insights she has gleaned are illuminating and often wittily expressed."
Joanna Blythman, Ecologist.

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April – Beef, Sesame and Spring Greens in Soy Broth

Imitating the big bowls of food that my children love to eat in noodle bars, using thin slices of beef leftover from the roast; the secret is to lay the beef on top of the soup at the last minute, so it does not stew and turn tough in the hot broth.